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  • What breeds of poultry do you raise?
    Our egg-laying chickens are Red Sex Link and our meat chickens are Cornish X. They spend all day on pasture and are offered a non-GMO feed.
  • What breeds of cattle do you raise?
    Our cattle are Herefords/Angus Cross (also known as Black Badly). Our cattle are grass raised and grass finished.
  • What licenses do you have from the PA Deptartment of Agriculture?
    We maintain licenses for operating as a mobile unit at Farmer's Markets and for our cold storage.
  • What are the benefits of pasture raised poultry?
    Real pasture raised poultry lives the majority of their lives on fresh vegetative pastures and are housed in mobile shelters while on pasture. At night, the birds sleep inside to protect them from predators, and the flock is moved to new pastures frequently. For more information, visit
  • What do you feed your livestock?
    Our animals are on pasture 24/7. Our poultry are also offered a non-GMO supplemental feed. In the winter months, our cattle are fed grass hay while still roaming the pastures.
  • Where are your meats processed and packaged?
    Our meats are processed and packaged in a local USDA-inspected facility.
  • What else do you raise?
    We also raise pigs, goats, and sheep. Our pigs are Hereford Berkshire Crosses (both heritage breeds). Our sheep are Katadian/Dorper Crosshair and our goats are Boer. These animals are raised on pasture and have access to a choice mineral.
  • Where do I pick up my purchase?
    After you place an order, we will contact you to arrange a pickup from our farm. Pre-orders can also be placed for pickup at the various Farmers Markets we attend (such as Harrisburg, Hershey, Newport).
  • Do you offer local delivery?
    Yes! Please contact us prior to purchase if you're interested in delivery.
  • Can products be returned?
    For food safety reasons, once products are sold, they cannot be returned.
  • Are your animals given hormones?
    Hormones are not used on our farm.

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